Morning Sickness? How to Deal With It

Morning sickness can happen regardless of your lifestyle, but there are many factors that could be making it more severe. Read about some tips on how to prevent nausea and vomiting during your pregnancy.

Open Adoption Has Many Benefits

There are so many choices in open adoption today. You are able to:

  • See and hold your baby
  • Choose your baby’s parents from many qualified, loving families
  • Receive letters, photos, and even share visits with your child
  • Specify how you want your delivery and hospital stay to go
  • Include your parents or the baby’s father & his family in the adoption too
  • Get quality counseling, or even speak with a woman who has chosen adoption for her baby

How Soon Does a Baby Start to Develop?

While most women don’t feel the presence of ‘life’ inside their womb until a couple of months along, your baby is already growing by leaps and bounds even in the first few weeks of pregnancy! Learn a few interesting facts about your baby’s development inside your body.